How to make rubber band bracelets

You won’t get bored making custom wristbands with your rainbow loom kit.  There are a lot of tutorials available to teach you how to fashion an almost infinite variety of custom bracelets.

You’ll be amazed at the number of tutorial videos that are produced by young creative kids a.k.a. loomineers!

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The Rainbow Loom was invented by Choon Ng, after seeing his own daughters trying to fashion bracelets from ordinary rubber bands. After limited success with promoting the Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom through the regular methods, he started promoting using Youtube.

How to use the Rainbow Loom kit:

How to create the “single” pattern rubber band bracelet:

How to create the “diamond” pattern rubber band bracelet:

How to create the “single rhombus” custom wristband:

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How to create the “double rhombus” a.k.a. “double forward rhombus” custom bracelet:

How to make the “triple single” rubber wristband:

How to make the “crossed hexagon” rubber band ring:

How to make the “diamond” rubber band neck choker:

How to create the “double rearward rhombus” custom wrist band: